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Daily Live Trading Room Session-Apr 12, 2011

Apr 12, 2011 - live online forex trading training room course session performance results, forex trading software strategy system, 20 pips

NY Session Live Forex Day Trading Chat Room Results 4-12-11

April 12, 2011 – Daily Live Forex Day Trading Room Session Tiger Time Lanes Trade Room Moderator and Fibonacci Grid Trader Sam Shakespeare kicks off a wild day of trading by entering a Reversal Trade Short on Eur/Usd (see video). He took about 10 pips on the trade, that entry proved to be the beginning of a 60 pip drop that many traders on the board were able to benefit. As he exits the short eur/usd trade he notices Eur/Jpy at an Orange to White (O2W) Long Setup. He quickly takes +7 pips on half, but price pulls back and is forced to exit with +3 pips on the second.
With some profit, and Eur/Jpy starting to drop heavily, Sam tries to find a safe entry to benefit from the oncoming correction. He enters a a few times on the way down, but eur/jpy could not find any support. After a few losing trades he jumps over to Usd/Jpy and takes +15 pips, this started a +50 pip run as Sam fights back to make his overall 20 pips on the day.. What a recovery!

Total pips earned for session = +20 pips, that’s 2.0% account growth for Sam’s session!
(Not including performance of other Tiger Time Lane Trade Room Moderators throughout the day).

Today’s Live Trades

Eur/Usd Short – Reversal Trade

Eur/Jpy Long – Orange 2 White Trade

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UPDATE: JUST RELEASED! Tiger Time Lanes forex trading software version 2.0!

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