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Daily Live Trading Session – Nov 15, 2010

live forex trading room performance results
NY Session Live Trade Results 11-15-10

Nov. 15, 2010 – Live Trading Session – Seeing Euro weakness across the board, Sam decides only to look for shorting opportunities in Euro, and it pays off..  He jumps into a short Eur/Usd Position right off the bat. He takes +9 on the first half of the position and sets his stop on the remaining half to +5. Seeing the trade move up to +14, Sam waits only to have Eur/Usd slightly recover taking him out at his +5 stop loss. (Avg. +7.5 pips on trade).

As Kahif and the other mods start to get their groove, Sam is keeping his eye on Euro, and takes another short position vs. the USD. Again, he quickly takes a +7 only to have price snap back to take out the other half at break even. (Avg +3.5 pips on trade).
Still looking for something more in Euro weakness, Sam enters short Eur/Usd again. Suddenly he notices yen beginning to strengthen, so he opens a short position on Eur/Jpy.  We had to hang on to these for nearly 40 minutes as price action began to settle late in the NY morning, however price moved in the direction according to the Tiger Grids, and we were rewarded  hansomely with +5 pips on Eur/Jpy and a sweet +18 pips on Euro/Usd!
Total pips for session = +34 pips. That’s about 3.4% account growth for the session.  Great trading day!

Overall 24 Hour Online Live Trade Room Performance

forex live trading room performance chart









Daily total pip count                          +173
Weekly cumulative pip count        +173
Monthly cumulative pip count    +1375

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