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Daily Live Trading Session – Jan 6, 2011

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NY Session Live Trading Results 1-06-11

Jan 6, 2011 – Daily Live Forex Trading Session – Today was a much more active session, as Fibonacci Grid Trader and Tiger Time Lane Moderator Sam Shakespeare immediately jumps into a short eur/usd trade at the 1 minute box. Because of the riskier entry, He only puts a half position on and quickly takes + 10 pips! A little later in the session, Sam notices an “Orange2White” trade (O2W) on Eur/jpy, he enters a full position and takes +7 pips on half and stops out on remainder for break even. Just minutes later, Sam enters short positions on both Eur/Usd and Eur/Jpy simultaneously, each at their 5 Minute boxes. He takes +7 on half of each position, then takes +8 pips on remainder of Eur/Jpy and +11 pips on second half of Eur/Usd! When it was all said and done and half positions are averaged correctly, Sam netted + 25 pips for the session!

Total pips +25, that’s 2.5% account growth for the session!
(Not including performance of other Tiger Time Lane Trade Room Moderators throughout the day).

1 Minute Trend Trade Live Example – Short EUR/USD

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