Dynamic Fibonacci Grid Forex Trading System

Perfect Scalping Tool: FibTrader VTA Day Trading Software

NOTE: The FibTrader VTA is now the FibMatrix VTA


Hi Forex Traders,

FibTrader VTA

FibTrader VTA: Perfect Scalping Tool

..We have just made it a whole lot easier to scalp the forex market!

When we released the Tiger Time Lanes

…several years ago, the response was amazing! A complete Dynamic Fibonacci Multi Time Frame Grid forex day trading software package that analyzes multiple currency pairs across multiple time frames and displayed in an easy to understand matrix. Our trading community was ecstatic! They were now trading forex using the highly renowned accuracy of Dynamic Fibonacci Levels in our online live forex trading room and could now identify high probability trades with just a glance.

Then we raised the bar…

We introduced FibAlert Tiger Signal Software. FibAlert rocked our trading community with its ability to scan the Tiger Time Lanes in Real Time! Now not only do you have the Tiger Grids analyzing the market, but the FibAlert scans the Tiger Grids and Alerts you to a high probability trade, the moment one appears! Now you do not need to stare at your monitor screen for long periods of time waiting for a trade to appear. You only need to come to your trading platform when you hear the Alert signal. If you choose to enter the trade by accepting the Alert, a trade is opened in your MetaTrader4 account with the emergency Stoploss and Target automatically entered.  All you  need to do is exit the trade in profit!

But we didn’t stop there!


Now presenting…

FibTrader FibMatrix VTA: The Perfect Scalping Tool.

The FibTrader FibMatrix Virtual Trading Assistant takes forex day trading software to a whole new level!  Now you have a full time trading partner who can watch the market 24 hours a day, not only alerting you of a high probability trade, but once the Alert is taken and the trade entered, you can just walk away! That’s right, the FibTrader FibMatrix  VTA will manage the trade for you! Aside from calculating your correct risk allotment based on your risk profile, it will look for Dynamic Fibonacci Levels to scale out your position and even exit the trade!

Watch this Live Trade…

(Playback Video in HD 720p minimum, Full Screen, if your connection will allow)

Take the stress out of trading!

If watching a trade to find a good exit point is too stressful for you, or you lack the discipline to let your profit trades run to their targets, then this is for you! Just sit back.. when you get an alert, do a quick visual check of the Tiger Grids, then enter the trade! Then sit back and let FibTrader  FibMatrix  VTA take control! Of course you can always exit any FibTrader  FibMatrix  VTA trade at your own discretion for maximum flexibility.

Click Below to Watch the Full

FibTrader VTA Webinar!

FibMatrix Forex Day Trading Software

NOTE: The FibTrader VTA is now the FibMatrix VTA

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