Dynamic Fibonacci Grid Forex Trading System

Daily Live Trading Session – Aug 4, 2010

Aug. 4, 2010Live Forex Trading Room – Sam enters a EUR/USD Long trade on a 1 minute box reversal, and though he has to wait about 25 minutes, is able to bag 13 pips with the trade never going against more than the spread.. Join me for a Live session. Best Viewed in Full Screen.

live forex trading room performance using FX MoneyMap forex trading software

Forex Malibu Trade results 8-04-10

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Daily Live Trading Session – Aug 3, 2010

Aug 3, 2010 – In a slow moving market Sam is still able to pull his 20 pips, even with a marathon USD/JPY short trade that takes over an hour to work out. Gain of 21 pips for the session.  Join us for a live session at ForexMalibu.com – Best if viewed in Full Screen.

Live Forex Trading Room Transcript

Forex Malibu Trade results 8-03-10

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Daily Live Trading Session pt. 2 – Aug 2, 2010

Aug 2, 2010 – FX MoneyMap Global Trainer Sam Shakespeare sees an opportunity for a long trade in Eur/Jpy. Once he notices a Vanilla Setup at a 5 minute entry, he checks his charts and then jumps in. Sam is able to take +5 on half and +15 on other half.  This is a gravy trade coming right after he bags +23 on Gbp/Usd. (see previous video). Join us for a Live Trading Session – Total for session +28 pips! That’s almost 3% account growth in one session!          Best viewed full screen in 720p!

live forex trading room performance

Forex Malibu Trade results 8-02-10

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Trade of the Day – Long GBP/USD Vanilla +23 pips!

Aug 2, 2010 – Global Trainer Sam Shakespeare takes a long GBP/USD trade on a Vanilla setup. Nets +23 pips! Plus is able to help out a session attendee with some technical issues.. Talk about multi-tasking!  Online forex trading course – 

Total for session +28 pips!

live forex trading room performance using fx moneymap forex trading software

Forex Malibu Trade results 8-02-10

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FX MoneyMap Training – Andy having a chat with Trader CAT

26 year InterBank Chief Dealer Andy Shearman interviews Trader Cat after a week long Intensive Training.  She shares her appreciation for the forex trading course and the manner in which it was presented by Global FX MoneyMap Trainer Sam Shakespeare.

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Your Success is Our Purpose..

This is a letter I received from one of our recent graduates of the Intensive Training Week.  This is why I love what I do. Having a part in a persons growth and progress is the most rewarding aspect..

Dear Sam,

This past week in the “Intensive Class” was exactly that: Intense. There was so much information to process, and put into practice, that the old analogy of trying to ‘take a sip from a fire hose’ came to mind.  Quite an intimidating prospect…at first glance.  Thank you for helping to ‘break it down’ by bringing the charts and grids into clearer focus and understanding.

Watching your leadership, and teaching skills in action these past few days also helped me understand why Andy would handpick you to fly out to California and run the Malibu Trade Room.  It takes a person of vision to see the potential in people.  Kudos to Andy Shearman for being wise enough to discern those qualities in you.  Hopefully, you saw some of that same potential in those of us who sat before you this past week diligently taking notes and deciphering what was presented.

Another idea that came to mind as I was listening to you speak on a variety of subjects was the expression that:

People do NOT care how much you KNOW…until they KNOW how much you CARE.

It became apparent to me, as I had previously suspected, that you DO have a compassionate heart that CARES about the well-being and success of your students.  Attacking the Forex market to scalp inraday trading Pips, on a consistent basis, is not a tsk for the faint hearted or ignorant.  Some serious hand-holding may be required. And, I could tell that you DO have the temperament and patience to do just that: Freely giving yourself and your expertise.

Please help me follow a disciplined program of learning, steady growth and forward progress.  For my part, let me demonstrate that you can depend on me, and count on my help in return.  The older I have become, the more I have come to appreciate that success never happens alone.  We all need a shoulder to lean on from time to time. Thank you again for everything Sam.


Donovan R.

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“I’ve been trading forex using advanced technicals for years, and never could have imagined this…”

Hey Sam,

I didn’t know a grid system based on dynamic fibonacci computations such as this existed until now. This is ingenious! I’ve been trading the Fx market using advanced technicals and never have imagined that a grid system alone can give you easy to read entries and exits signals. What’s facinating to me is that now I’m using the technicals only as a confirmation and able to incease my winning probabilities.

I know I’m fairly new at this fibonacci grid system but I can honestly say that I’ve already mastered the Vanilla and Reverse Vanilla system in one week with your hands on training. I owe that to you. Thank you so much for introducing this to me. I believe you’ve changed my life!!!
See you in December.

-George K.

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Malibu Traderoom – I Love LA

Learn forex trading in our State of the Art Malibu Traderoom, with a great Soundtrack!

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10 Reasons to Trade Currencies with Forex Malibu

10 Reasons to Trade Currencies with Forex Malibu

Hello Forex Traders,

Greetings from ForexMalibu and the FX MoneyMap trading team!

We are always getting an influx of prospective clients asking us questions about ForexMalibu and the FX MoneyMap and they often tell us they have had their early impressions of the Forex Industry tarnished by their early bad experiences of other products or vendors who do not have the strength in depth that we have…  They ask, quite rightly, what’s special about us?

We want to tell you why we are the “Ferrari” of FX:

1)     The FX Money Map is the most highly accurate forecasting tool for trading the forex market.  Based on Dynamic Fibonacci Grids, ithe FX MoneyMap is  the ultimate Sat Nav tool in FX today that places you IN the marketscape like GPS puts your car in the Map of the road.  It’s ability to pinpoint high probability trades is unparralleled and no other Company has this software…  We invented it, we built it and we trade with it! (and is currently being utilized by several InterBanks and Hedge Funds).

2)     We trade with our own forex trading software, we do it LIVE with our clients on our FXMM Live Traderoom, where you will trade together with hundreds of other professional traders and the FX MoneyMap trading team like one big family for a common goal…  To make money!

You really can trade FX professionally from home but with us you don’t have to do it alone.  You will look forward everyday to talking with good FX friends you will make in our trade room.  Both customers and moderators alike are happy to help you as you join a new team of like minded individuals as yourself.

3)     We train on our chat room and also in any of our Global icon destinations that inspire your efforts because of their sheer beauty, presence and because we put our FX centers in places you have always wanted to go -Malibu Beach, Miami Beach, Manhattan and London.  You can see no expense has been spared on making your FX experience second to none and your physical training courses with us a “holiday feel” experience.

4)     We have been in this market for years…  Andy has never done anything else….  How many people do you know who have stayed in the same industry they started in 25-30 years ago.  In these ever changing markets that is priceless experience and why he and his unique insights and vision of what Forex can be to the retail trader should be all the evidence you need to join us now!

Please enter your details in the form on the right side of this page to join us for a FREE Live Forex Trading Session!  No obligations, experience the FX MoneyMap.  You will also receive a free forex E-course. Information that normally costs hundreds of dollars from any other forex educational service.

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Welcome to ForexMalibu.com!

Welcome to ForexMalibu.com!

Welcome to Forex Malibu. Learn currency trading via Online Forex Trading Course. Learn by trading the live market daily with professional forex traders via our 24 hr online trade room. We specialize in FX MoneyMap Dynamic Fibonacci Grid trading software to consistently make pips from the forex market.  We trade the market live daily , where 26 year InterBank Chief Dealer trades Live along side hundreds of other professional traders for the remainder of your forex trading career.  We also conduct daily, live market, hands on trading/training coaching sessions in our Malibu trade room.

Please register for a free live trading session with us and experience first hand how we use the FX MoneyMap to shred the Forex Market.

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