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Daily Live Trading Session – Nov 24, 2010

live forex trading room results tiger forex trading software

NY Session Live Trading Results 11-24-10

Nov 24, 2010 – Daily Live Trading Session – In an up and down day, Sam starts the session by entering Long Eur/Usd. As price maved back into buy zone, Sam added to his position even lower.  As the lower position hits +10, he takes half off, and while contemplating exiting his higher position at break even, price falls to some deeper territory, taking him out at his stop loss.  As Euro continues to fall, Sam notices it approaches some 1 and 5 minute support levels with significant gaps to the upside. Sam jumps in Long again, this time taking +13 on half and +15 on other half. Not enough to recover from first loss, but only down 6 pips on the day. Sam’s first losing session in two weeks. 

Total pips for session -6 pips. That’s -0.6% account drawdown.

Other moderators still had a great day with Kashif posting well over 50 pips (..and counting!)

Overall Traderoom Performance will be posted soon.

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Daily Live Trading Session – Nov 23, 2010

live forex trading room results

NY Session Live Trading Results 11-23-10

Nov 23, 2010 – Daily Live Trading Session –

With all risk trades dropping heavily (Equities, Euro, Gbp, etc.), Sam sees a nice 5 min Eur/Jpy Trend Trade Setup and jumps in Short. within minutes he bags +10 pips on half, and must take +15 on second half, only to have it drop another 30 pips in minutes..

Total pips for Sam’s session +12.5 pips (avgd position), that’s 1.2% account growth for the session.  This does not include performance of our other live moderators throughout the day on our 24 hour live online forex trading room..

Overall 24 Hour Online Live Trade Room Performance

forex live trading room performance chart, forex trading software









Daily total pip count                            +192
Weekly cumulative pip count        +306
Monthly cumulative pip count     +2113

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Watch Franjo Make +85 pips in 27 minutes:

Franjo is one of our Professional Forex Traders who makes live trade calls everyday on our 24 hour online live forex trading room.  Here he methodically bags 85 pips in a short session.

We run a professional forex trade room with four live moderated ‘mic’ sessions, covering 7-10 hrs each day. In each session our moderators make live trade calls on ‘mic’ as well as trade calls via announcements 24hrs a day. Using professional forex trading software, projected for all to see the moderators average +2000 pips a month.

Franjo Caculovic moderates the London session between 8am and 10am (UK time) each morning. A professional trader he runs his own physical trade room in Zagreb.

Just sign the form on the right to join us for a 14 Day Trial Membership..

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FX MoneyMap Dynamic Fibonacci Grid – Intro Tutorial 3

Third tutorial in series –  FX MoneyMap Dynamic Fibonacci Grid forex trading software.  Learn the basics of fibonacci grids from FX MoneyMap Global Trainer Sam Shakespeare. Learn forex trading online by signing up for free live trading session.

This forex tutorial covers Dynamic Fibonacci Retracement Line (L7)

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