Dynamic Fibonacci Grid Forex Trading System

Trend Trade Example – Forex Software Tutorial


Online forex trading room – Fibonacci Grid Trainer Sam Shakespeare takes us through a live trade using the Tiger Time Lanes Trend Trade setup. He easily makes +16 pips on this in an effort to explain this high probability, multi-timeframe dynamic fibonacci grid trade setup.

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Daily Live Trading Session – Nov 24, 2010

live forex trading room results tiger forex trading software

NY Session Live Trading Results 11-24-10

Nov 24, 2010 – Daily Live Trading Session – In an up and down day, Sam starts the session by entering Long Eur/Usd. As price maved back into buy zone, Sam added to his position even lower.  As the lower position hits +10, he takes half off, and while contemplating exiting his higher position at break even, price falls to some deeper territory, taking him out at his stop loss.  As Euro continues to fall, Sam notices it approaches some 1 and 5 minute support levels with significant gaps to the upside. Sam jumps in Long again, this time taking +13 on half and +15 on other half. Not enough to recover from first loss, but only down 6 pips on the day. Sam’s first losing session in two weeks. 

Total pips for session -6 pips. That’s -0.6% account drawdown.

Other moderators still had a great day with Kashif posting well over 50 pips (..and counting!)

Overall Traderoom Performance will be posted soon.

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Watch Franjo Make +85 pips in 27 minutes:

Franjo is one of our Professional Forex Traders who makes live trade calls everyday on our 24 hour online live forex trading room.  Here he methodically bags 85 pips in a short session.

We run a professional forex trade room with four live moderated ‘mic’ sessions, covering 7-10 hrs each day. In each session our moderators make live trade calls on ‘mic’ as well as trade calls via announcements 24hrs a day. Using professional forex trading software, projected for all to see the moderators average +2000 pips a month.

Franjo Caculovic moderates the London session between 8am and 10am (UK time) each morning. A professional trader he runs his own physical trade room in Zagreb.

Just sign the form on the right to join us for a 14 Day Trial Membership..

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Tiger Time Lanes Intro Video

Fibonacci Grid Trader Sam Shakespeare introduces the new Tiger Grids. Describes the advantages of trading with a 24 hour live online forex trading room, with live trade calls being made during all active trading sessions. Forex trading software is provided. To Sign up for 14 Day Trial, just submit form on right of this webpage.  See you on the inside..

UPDATE: JUST RELEASED! Tiger Time Lanes Version 2.0! See the new features of the orange “Tiger Grids” forex trading software

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Daily Live Trading Session – Nov 15, 2010

live forex trading room performance results
NY Session Live Trade Results 11-15-10

Nov. 15, 2010 – Live Trading Session – Seeing Euro weakness across the board, Sam decides only to look for shorting opportunities in Euro, and it pays off..  He jumps into a short Eur/Usd Position right off the bat. He takes +9 on the first half of the position and sets his stop on the remaining half to +5. Seeing the trade move up to +14, Sam waits only to have Eur/Usd slightly recover taking him out at his +5 stop loss. (Avg. +7.5 pips on trade).

As Kahif and the other mods start to get their groove, Sam is keeping his eye on Euro, and takes another short position vs. the USD. Again, he quickly takes a +7 only to have price snap back to take out the other half at break even. (Avg +3.5 pips on trade).
Still looking for something more in Euro weakness, Sam enters short Eur/Usd again. Suddenly he notices yen beginning to strengthen, so he opens a short position on Eur/Jpy.  We had to hang on to these for nearly 40 minutes as price action began to settle late in the NY morning, however price moved in the direction according to the Tiger Grids, and we were rewarded  hansomely with +5 pips on Eur/Jpy and a sweet +18 pips on Euro/Usd!
Total pips for session = +34 pips. That’s about 3.4% account growth for the session.  Great trading day!

Overall 24 Hour Online Live Trade Room Performance

forex live trading room performance chart









Daily total pip count                          +173
Weekly cumulative pip count        +173
Monthly cumulative pip count    +1375

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Daily Live Trading Session – Nov 11, 2010

Live Forex Trading Room Performance

Forex Malibu Trade results 11-11-10

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Daily Live Trading Session – Aug 18, 2010

Aug 18, 2010Live Forex Trading Room – In a range bound market, Sam makes several in and out scalping trades, to net +18 pips.

Total for session +18 pips, equalling 1.8% account growth.

Here are the Timestamped Transcripts..

Live Forex Trading Room Performance

Forex Malibu Trade results 8-18-10

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Daily Live Trading Session – Aug 17, 2010

Aug 17, 2010Live Forex Trading Room – In a risk hungry market, with the Dow up 50 and climbing, Sam goes Long Eur/Usd. After taking +11 on the first half, the trade quickly accelerates into profit allowing for +17 pips on the second half. Averaged position earned +14 pips. Total for the session +14 pips. Equalling 1.4% account growth for the session..

Here are the transcripts…

Live Forex Trading Room Performance

Forex Malibu Trade results 8-17-10

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Daily Live Trading Session – Aug 16, 2010


Aug 16, 2010Live Forex Trading Room – FX MoneyMap Global Trainer Sam Shakespeare sees an opportunity for a long trade in Eur/Usd. Once he notices a Vanilla Setup at a 1 minute entry, he checks his charts and then jumps in. This trade nets +12 on half position and +10 on other half.. Averaging +11 pips on total position.  Sam also takes a short EUR/JPY trade but exits at +1 pips.

Total pips for today’s session +12 pips. Equalling 1.2% account growth for the session.

(Best viewed at 720p in Full Screen)

Live Forex Trading Room Performance

Forex Malibu Trade results 8-16-10

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Daily Live Trading Session – Aug 4, 2010

Aug. 4, 2010Live Forex Trading Room – Sam enters a EUR/USD Long trade on a 1 minute box reversal, and though he has to wait about 25 minutes, is able to bag 13 pips with the trade never going against more than the spread.. Join me for a Live session. Best Viewed in Full Screen.

live forex trading room performance using FX MoneyMap forex trading software

Forex Malibu Trade results 8-04-10

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