Dynamic Fibonacci Grid Forex Trading System

Daily Live Trading Session – Nov 30, 2010

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NY Session Live Trading Results 11-30-10


+2599 overall pips for the month of November!


Nov 30, 2010 – Daily Live Trading Session – What a month! Global Fibonacci Grid Trainer Sam Shakespeare starts the session off with a 60 minute Bounce Trade that quickly nets about +11 pips. As market action settles in, Sam sees an opportunity for some quick pips on Eur/Jpy, he shorts and within seconds takes +5 pips on the position, only to have it move another +15 once he is flat.. A missed opportunity on Gbp/Usd, when Sam enters short, he sees +8 in a hurry, but the trade looks like it could move further, so he hangs on, only to be stopped out at his protective break even stop loss. 

Total pips for session +16 pips, that’s 1.6% account growth. (Does not include performance of othe Tiger Time Lane Moderators) 

Overall 24 Hour Online Live Trade Room Performance 

forex live trading room, live forex training, performance chart, forex trading software 








Daily total pip count                         +136
Weekly cumulative pip count       +190
Monthly cumulative pip count    +2599!!

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Trend Trade Example – Forex Software Tutorial


Online forex trading room – Fibonacci Grid Trainer Sam Shakespeare takes us through a live trade using the Tiger Time Lanes Trend Trade setup. He easily makes +16 pips on this in an effort to explain this high probability, multi-timeframe dynamic fibonacci grid trade setup.

Click to see other Live Examples of the Trend Trade Setup

It’s easy to register for 14 day trial.. Just click here.

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Daily Live Trading Session – Nov 22, 2010

Nov 22, 2010 – Daily Live Trading Session – After sorting out some technical issues early in the NY session, Fibonacci Grid Trader Sam Shakespeare identifies Euro weakness and sees a possible short entry at the 5 minute levels on Eur/Jpy.  He patiently passes on a 1 minute entry and is rewarded with the pullback to the 5 min area, where Sam enters Short Eur/Jpy.  As the trade was near the end of the session, Sam closed half the trade at +11 and the second half at +13.  Only to have Eur/Jpy to continue to fall another 20 pips after he exits. Many room attendees were able to hang on a bit longer and take +30 pips on the call. 

Our apologies for not having the timestamped screen shots. It is due to our morning technical issues….

Overall 24 Hour Online Live Trade Room Performance

forex live trading room performance chart









Daily total pip count                               +114
Weekly cumulative pip count          +114
Monthly cumulative pip count      +1921

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Watch Franjo Make +85 pips in 27 minutes:

Franjo is one of our Professional Forex Traders who makes live trade calls everyday on our 24 hour online live forex trading room.  Here he methodically bags 85 pips in a short session.

We run a professional forex trade room with four live moderated ‘mic’ sessions, covering 7-10 hrs each day. In each session our moderators make live trade calls on ‘mic’ as well as trade calls via announcements 24hrs a day. Using professional forex trading software, projected for all to see the moderators average +2000 pips a month.

Franjo Caculovic moderates the London session between 8am and 10am (UK time) each morning. A professional trader he runs his own physical trade room in Zagreb.

Just sign the form on the right to join us for a 14 Day Trial Membership..

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Daily Live Trading Session – Nov 19, 2010


live forex trading room results

NY Session Live Trading Results 11-19-10

Nov 19, 2010 – Live Trading Room Session –

A short session today proved to be a fairly profitable one. Fibonacci Grid Trader Sam Shakespeare spots a Breakout setup for a Short on GBP/USD and he enters at the 5 minute levels on the Tiger Grids Forex Trading Software.. Within 10 minutes, Sam bags +13 on the first half and +18 on the second, averaging out to an easy 16 pips for the trade.  Being Friday, and wanting to protect the weekly gains, Sam wraps up a great week of trading!

Total pips for the Session = +16 pips! That’s 1.6% account growth for the session. Kudos!

Overall 24 Hour Online Live Trade Room Performance

forex live trading room performance chart









Daily total pip count                         +146
Weekly cumulative pip count      +605
Monthly cumulative pip count  +1807

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New Dynamic Fibonacci Grid – Live Online Forex Trading Room

dynamic fibonacci grid tiger time lane forex trading software

Tiger Time Lane Forex Trading Software

(If you like the FX Moneymap and just could not afford the $5k price tag, this post is for YOU!)

One of my colleagues, legendary grid trader, Kashif Aziz, (who, like myself, has been a fib grid trader with the FX MoneyMap for years) has developed new Dynamic Fibonacci Grid software to trade Forex, equipped with a 24 hour live online trading room.

Forex Malibu has joined forces with Kashif and his team, an amazing group of Fibonacci Grid Traders who share our same mission… to provide affordable live forex training to educate traders in Dynamic Fibonacci Grid Trading in the Live Market.

Keep in mind, apart from the old “Blue Grids,” there has been no other Dynamic Fib Grid trading platform.. UNTIL NOW! For the first time ever, a new Fib Grid option is available for all who found the “Blue Grids” too cost prohibitive..

Over the next couple of weeks, you will see the transformation of Forex Malibu to represent the new Orange “Tiger Grids”. This is my new home and where I scalp the forex market live every day on the mic from 10am – 12pm EST. I enjoy it because I know my clients no longer have to shell out $5000 to get daily live trading coaching!

We started this process to align our Mission with what our traders really want..

…to provide quality, consistent, profitable, easy to follow, Live Forex Training and Education from Live Professional Traders in the Live Market.

I invite you to come trade with myself, Kashif and his team everyday in our live forex trading room. For a limited time we are offering 14 DAY Trial on the live trade room. To ensure you reserve a spot, I suggest you go now and sign up, but if you would rather wait til I post some of the new Training Videos, go ahead.  But I know there are already over 100 active traders in the room, and I am not sure how many will be given access due to the level of customer support we will be providing.  We may only take another hundred or so..

Here are some highlights of membership…

  • Your own copy of the Tiger Time Lanes forex trading software
  • 24 hour Live Online Forex Trading Room
  • Pre-London, London, New York, Late Morning New York, and Asian Sessions all Live Moderated by Professional Traders
  • That’s over 10 hours of Live Voice Moderation per day
  • Over 100 Active Forex Traders to trade side by side with, all trading and learning together.
  • Averaging over 100 pips per day on easy to follow and learn trade calls
  • Plus online forex trading courses.  Not only live market trading, but special online live training sessions scheduled regularly and physical training classes around the globe.
  • No DATA FEED charges
  • No upfront fees

For a 14 Day Trial of our new 24 hour Live Online Traderoom, please sign the form on the right of the page.

…good trades,

Sam Shakespeare

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