Dynamic Fibonacci Grid Forex Trading System

Introduction to Fibonacci Grid Forex Trading: Levels

Tiger Time Lanes Software Tutorial

Check Your Levels and Stack Your Clues

What Is a Level?

Online Forex Trading Course Lesson – Dynamic Fibonacci Grid Software Tutorial: Checking Your Levels and Stacking Your Clues, Part One – What Is a Level? Basically a Dynamic Fibonacci level is when supports and resistances line up across multiple time lanes. Once identified, levels provide highly accurate entry points when trading Forex. This is an excerpt from a live forex training webinar. 14 day trial available to our live Forex trading room using Tiger Time Lanes forex trading software.

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  1. know many people risk only half of their take pfiort (20 pip stop, 40 pip target) but I don’t trade like that. It is all about what the charts are willing to give you. If the charts give you 40 pips and you need a 30 pip stop to hit that 40 pips consistently then those are your targets. I don’t limit myself with preconceived notions that my stop must be half my take pfiort.Only rule I stick to as far as stops go is I never risk more than I stand to make.

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